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Y/N? They’re pretty freaking awesome things, but don’t want you guys to get traumatised or have someone’s mum walk in as a giant bifurcated penis pops up on your dash.

  1. mogitha answered: Y
  2. theveryangrycaterpillar answered: hell yes
  3. psychedelictrashbag answered: Yes, but in a ‘read more’ link maybe.
  4. kissmyasthma13 answered: I say yes but either add a “read more” before the picture, or tag it nudity so people can block the tag if they wish.
  5. columbinecutie answered: Post them, but only after midnight. That way no one gets shocked by NSFW stuff.
  6. love-among-the-tombstones answered: I say yes. It’s tumblr. There’s porn everywhere; perhaps you could tag it nsfw and people can tumblr savior it :]
  7. symmie answered: y
  8. turtleskull answered: yes
  9. prettyasallfuck-inglamourandpunk answered: Y
  10. mantidprincess answered: Yes
  11. littleleal answered: yes!
  12. shopez answered: YES! PLEASE!
  13. themangocupcake answered: yesh
  14. sashaeatsbrains answered: Yes! It’s not like none of us have genitals, and most genitals look the same. Piercings anywhere are fun!
  15. iamd1nosaur answered: I say yes.
  16. snortingpixxiedust answered: under read more, with a warning of what it is.
  17. mental-masturbati0n answered: yes, but put them under a ‘read more’ link
  18. amberml answered: yessssss
  19. snippetrat answered: Yes :)
  20. poffercake answered: Yes, as long as they’re tasteful. There’s a difference between showing your piercings, and showing off your genitals.
  21. bat-thulhu answered: yes
  22. high-temptation answered: yes! definitely! if you’re on the fence, maybe post a *NSFW* with a “read more” under it that has the picture?
  23. asnowcappedromance36 answered: Yesssss
  24. subjectivegestalt answered: y
  25. batskullgirl answered: Yes, definitely.
  26. ttherroadsofarr answered: Yes!
  27. solongtodevotion answered: Yes, they`re so lovely and fantastic.
  28. un-memories answered: I think you should post them. If people don’t want to see them, they can scroll past them.
  29. swamp-grrrl answered: I’d appreciate a title letting me know it’s a genital piercing then a click-through link.
  30. brunching answered: Haha, I don’t see a problem with it. Maybe you can just put like a warning before hand so we’re prepared ;P
  31. betty-two-kills answered: I vote yes.
  32. mandolinofdiscipline answered: Yes!
  33. on-my-kneees-for-you answered: Yes
  34. motherfuckinunicorn answered: yes!
  35. soundlessbones answered: Yes! Although it might help to put a warning in the header or perhaps a click-through for more explicit images.
  36. bend-with-the-reed answered: just put em in a read more
  37. espurrfectionista answered: YES
  38. arachnidface answered: YES PLEASE
  39. vandyt-xain answered: I wouldn’t mind if you posted genital mods.
  40. trollbutt answered: do it anyway!
  41. valgina-nipples answered: yes!
  42. rebecca-nichols answered: Yes ! Genital mods are so interesting to look at
  43. britva answered: Y
  44. pickyourheartupoffthefloor answered: yes
  45. taciturntaxidermy answered: yes!
  46. yum-yab answered: Yes please.
  47. castiels-purgatory-beard answered: Yes, but maybe put them as an “after the jump” kind of thing?
  48. edge-0fheaven answered: yes