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Asker Anonymous Asks:
So I love the look of a captive ring for septum piercings, but I just can't understand how to open and close them. Would you please explain?
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Quick and easy navel piercing using a freehand technique while inserting ANATOMETAL jewelry.

Same way I do em. 👌

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All visible piercings done at Modified Design of Sherman TX.
Philtrum (16g)
Septum (14g)
Double nostril (14g)
-non visible double vertical tongue piercings done at 357 Ink of McKinney TX.
Lobes are ( 1 1/2” )

Name: Abby Jane (underdizzyspells)

Age: 18

Location: San Diego, California

Visible Modifications: 16g septum, 20g left nostril, 16g philtrum. All with white gold BVLA jewelry.

Modifications Not Shown: 14g industrial in right ear, 6g lobes, 20g lobes, 14g nipples

Name: Chel
Age: 22
Location: Toronto
Visible Modifications: Sleeve, medusa, nose ring, spacers
Modifications Not Shown: Rib tattoo, arm tattoo, back tattoo


Happy birthday Veronica! For Veronicas 5th birthday she got her ears pierced with these beautiful fancy purple czs from #neometal #brandxpiercing #brandxtattooandpiercing #legitjewelry legitpiercingslook

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Yes you are!!
Go check out @thinkyourink ! They also have a great movement 👌💉

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Name: Chel
Age: 22
Location: Toronto
Visible Modifications: Nose, Spacers, Rib Tattoo, Back Tattoo
Modifications Not Shown: Medusa, Arm Tattoo


Paired lip piercings performed by me with titanium jewelry from anatometal.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
i was always against scarification, but is it an actual legitimate professionally-done thing? i always thought it was just some strange form of self-harm. is it dangerous?
awesomemodifications awesomemodifications Said:

It most definitely is an actual professional thing. There is no reason to link professionally done scarification pieces to self-harm. The motives behind a form of body modification that happens to involve cutting or burning skin are different from self harm.

As far as the risk level involved, I’d personally rate it higher than tattoos, but still safe as long as you go to a professional. Don’t let Bob from the next block over do it in his garage, just like any modification. The reason I would rate it higher risk than a tattoo is that instead of essentially abrading the skin (equivalent of like…rug burn or scraping your knee on the pavement maybe), you’re cutting into or removing skin, leaving the area more open than a tattoo would. And if you’re not with an experienced artist or someone working under an experienced artist, they could do something like cut too deep or removing too much skin, making more scar tissue than intended and healing longer than necessary. 

If any professionals see this, go ahead and comment. I’d love to hear your response to how ‘dangerous’ scarification is.