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Asker Anonymous Asks:
i was always against scarification, but is it an actual legitimate professionally-done thing? i always thought it was just some strange form of self-harm. is it dangerous?
awesomemodifications awesomemodifications Said:

It most definitely is an actual professional thing. There is no reason to link professionally done scarification pieces to self-harm. The motives behind a form of body modification that happens to involve cutting or burning skin are different from self harm.

As far as the risk level involved, I’d personally rate it higher than tattoos, but still safe as long as you go to a professional. Don’t let Bob from the next block over do it in his garage, just like any modification. The reason I would rate it higher risk than a tattoo is that instead of essentially abrading the skin (equivalent of like…rug burn or scraping your knee on the pavement maybe), you’re cutting into or removing skin, leaving the area more open than a tattoo would. And if you’re not with an experienced artist or someone working under an experienced artist, they could do something like cut too deep or removing too much skin, making more scar tissue than intended and healing longer than necessary. 

If any professionals see this, go ahead and comment. I’d love to hear your response to how ‘dangerous’ scarification is.


ten ear piercings double cartilage rook and triple lobe
nipple piercing and dermals

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How do does the anatometal jewelry work? When I go on the site, all it is is just the jewelry with a little screw on the back
awesomemodifications awesomemodifications Said:

You just screw it onto the post of the jewelry.

Anatometal’s jewelry is internally threaded.


someone asked earlier what tattoo artists practice on before human skin.

here is a tattooed banana, one of the options.


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Asker jiggywilson Asks:
I've heard that some folks purposely use abrasive or exfoliating scrubs or pads to irritate the tissue and expedite the scarring process. Is that something y'all would recommend?
awesomemodifications awesomemodifications Said:




I would NEVER tell anyone to abrade one of my cuttings. I put hours of work into my fine detailing. Rubbing it or brushing it or abrading it would ruin all of that. 

Irritating a healing scarification piece is something for amateurs. Its not something an experienced scarification artist would ever suggest. All the damage that would create a scar is done during the procedure. The aftercare and healing is all about getting a consistent scar. Wrap aftercare will give you super clean edges, abrasive aftercare will give you blurry edges. 

Ask any “scarification artist” suggesting abrasive aftercare how many pieces they’ve done. I’ll guess they’ll tell you they’ve doone a handful, maybe a dozen. Once they’ve done over 100, or over 500, they’ll hopefully figure out better aftercare. 

Check out this healed piece of mine. It would be impossible to get this kind of healing result without non-abrasive, wrapped aftercare. 

That healed piece is spot-on

Megan! :)

ugh that is GORGEOUS


Can you spot the difference? IS vs mystery company. You should care what you choose to put in your body. #brandxpiercing #brandxtattooandpiercing #safepiercing #appmember

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Name: Lëah
Age: 20
Location: England
Visible Modifications: Jimmy Page tattoo, by Patrick McFarlane at The Black Freighter Tattoo Co., Chester.
Modifications Not Shown: Extensive tattooing/piercing.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
do you think it's safe to get a septum retainer from hot topic if its just steel with no bright colored parts
awesomemodifications awesomemodifications Said:

Here’s the thing, high quality jewelry is not that much more expensive than the crud you’d buy at Hot Topic and it will last you for the rest of your life if you don’t lose it. Since you’re anon, I can’t look at your tumblr to get an idea of where you are and find out if you have a good piercing studio near you. Here is where to find one. If they’re too far to drive for just a jewelry change, then call and ask if they’d be willing to mail it to you. 

16g-12g septum retainer from Industrial Strength - about $8
16g-12g septum retainer from Anatometal - about $17
18g-8g septum retainer from Gorilla Glass - about $10

All of those are made out of either 316LVM ASTM F-138 Implant Grade Steel or glass (though i’m not sure i’d put 18g-14g glass in my piercings for fear of it breaking). The prices are grabbed from a reputable online body jewelry retailer. Your piercer will be able to give you jewelry that will fit you and if it’s uncomfortable, they have the proper tools to bend the jewelry so it’s fit for your body and will be most comfortable.

The Hot Topic stuff, on the other hand, you can see the finish is awful and scratched up and dull. And regular price, it’s gonna be about $6, only $2-4 cheaper than most of the other stuff. And you could have an allergic reaction due to the high nickel content in their cheap steel. 

TL;DR: Will HT jewelry be the end of your healed piercing as we know it? Probably not. Unless you have a nickel allergy. You should also be aware that HT carries jewelry that sometimes carries a lead content warning. I wouldn’t risk putting that in my body. Does that mean you should buy HT jewelry that is BARELY cheaper than the good stuff? hell no. Having happy piercings with jewelry that will last you a lifetime is way more worth it than saving $4 or even $10. Respect your piercings. Respect your body. Buy quality jewelry from a local studio.




Fresh / Healed by RICK LEVENCHUCK   
Knoxville, Tennessee    
Instagram @ricklevenchuck    
Email: ricklevenchuckart@gmail.com

Thanks for featuring Rick Levenchuck, tattrx!

this is why your artist having healed shots in their portfolio is important. :)

I’m not saying this tattoo looks bad at all or was done wrong, simply that a lot can change from a fresh tattoo to the healed version.


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Additional images because they’re pretty and I know you wanna look at them.



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